A day in school re-routed my outlook on what I needed that day but didn't realize it. They always know. Perhaps God does and uses them as the messenger but on this particular day, I needed the message and I received it, held onto it and grew from it.

Persevere anyway…

Persevere anyway folks. Even when the storm is raging, God will reveal Himself to you. This semester proved to be challenging; but none in the ways I envisioned. I hope it reminds you of the light force that rests inside you even during times you feel its been blown out. Be proud, stand strong and continue on.


It's our marriages, partnerships, friendships, jobs, social circles and it can even be in our religious and/or spiritual circles. It's every place and any time we feel we're not good enough, accepted, a part of the "inner" circle, forgiven or an active participant.

My Cup Runneth Over

Ever since I became a mother, I try to capture memorable moments.  Whether they’re special moments, holidays, milestones or occasions, I never want to look back with regret for what I could have captured.  Valentine’s Day has always been a special moment filled with fond memories as a child and what are now traditions I … Continue reading My Cup Runneth Over

Meet Chip

Not the best idea I’ve had. Nope. He’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but why I didn’t learn that 5 and 3 year olds are excited for about 5.6 minutes before they move onto the next exciting thing will be another memorable mommy fail for the books.


I knew I wanted to be a mother to multiple children and preferred that they be close in age, but what I would have never known to consider is how challenging it would be to keep up with all of them at once.