I hardly go anywhere without my camera.  I’m convinced that I will inevitably miss something if I do.  I must confess that I don’t make up the nearly 70% of adults who own a smart phone.  So this means I schlep my Canon camera with its bulky case around everywhere we go.  It’s quite the commitment actually.  I mean one must commit to carrying an extra bag around with three kids, a car seat, double stroller and diaper bag, right?

I have been told to, “Enjoy the moment” or “Be present,” but by taking stock into that very moment I will be able to enjoy it time and time again.  So you might catch me putting a moment on pause to click the shutter button or even bribe the kids to repeat something for a second time.

The explanation is a simple one really and one I argue makes perfect, logical sense.  Time moves fast and there are many moments it’s practically impossible to be present when you’re refereeing, the kids are melting down or you need to douse another round of Tylenol to mitigate the volume.

I love looking through photographs I was able to capture.  Those are usually the private moments when I can soak in what I can’t always take in at that specific time.  It’s as if time freezes and I can take it all in.  It’s also where I get to find my happiness when I’m too distracted by the difficulties, exhaustion and pace.

The holiday season is here and like many of us, it’s a mad dash race to get everything done.  Every year I try to make the deadline to orchestrate a creative photo shoot of the kids before sending them out as holiday cards.  This year was tough.  I chuckled while glancing back at the photographs when you can clearly see how feasible it was to bring your creative vision to life with just one child and a dog.  It doesn’t matter though.  I look back at these photographs and I can’t help but feel immense joy, love and pride.

Beginning from the first year with our very first elf, to Santa pulling his younger elf on a sleigh, to who are now three elves sitting in front of the tree that they have practically destroyed.  I am grateful I lugged that heavy camera around like a fourth child.  I stare back at these often and enjoy hearing the giggles when the kids insist on looking at them too.  Today I was reminiscing except this time I had two sets of eyes over my shoulder. Not only were they amused, but they insisted it was adorable too.  Their amusement and enjoyment served as my invitation to appreciate all of the times I made sure to capture those very moments.

So we sat and stared at the silly costumes, poses and memories of hauling them through frigid temperatures all in the name of an adorable holiday photograph.  I have come to a conclusion about these particular memories.  These three make the most adorable elves and Santa Clause I have ever seen.  I insist on it and I do so unapologetically.








Oh and I am thinking of upgrading to something a bit lighter to haul around because I am becoming apologetic about that.

In Love & Truth,

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