Can Truth Set You Free?

The truth?

It was an excruciating week for me.  While I sought to chase the truth, I had no idea what was eventually waiting for me.  People say that there are moments that can take your breath away but in this case, it took my limbs too.  I felt paralyzed by pain.  I needed to catch my breath and had to rely on faith to provide the oxygen tank.  Then right when I called upon faith to carry me, I came across this.  I am convinced it was meant for me to read in that exact moment.

The great Glennon Doyle Melton shared the following on her blog:

“You are responsible TO the truth, but not FOR it.  Learn your truth, sit with it, own it, express it.  You’re done!  No defending or babysitting your truth once you release it.  What other people say, think or do with it is none of your business!  Because the second your truth hits someone else, it gets mixed up with all her stuff and it’s not yours anymore anyway.  So let it be.

Anyway, let the truth exist outside of your body so you can get some breathing room and maybe even support.  Whatever that problem you have is, it belongs to million of others too.  Nothing new under the sun.  No shame.  Only freedom.”

I am learning all the ways in which truth-telling isn’t made for the weak.  It’s freak’in hard.

Really hard.

Being on the receiving end of dishonesty can be costly in more ways than you could have ever imagined or even know to expect. You also learn the methods by which people will risk everything and hurt anyone to avoid the truth.  I am learning how this can test one’s character and integrity.  The part Glennon wrote that resonates with me the most is that we’re not responsible for the dishonesty of others.  It’s an aching wound that can bleed, but we’re only responsible for the truth in ourselves.  Their dishonesty is not a reflection of who we are and it’s not our job to defend it.   I’m also learning that just because you resurrect your truth, doesn’t mean others are ready and willing to live honestly in theirs.  No matter how much you love them or pray for them, it’s beyond your control.

Like so many of us, I personalize when dishonesty knocks on my front door to greet me.  I somehow think I am responsible and can get trapped in thinking it’s my responsibility to protect it.  This past week taught me that what we seek out doesn’t guarantee we’re not going to get hurt from what we find.

I don’t know?  Does the truth set people free?  Is it the dishonest person that is set free or is it the person that was lied to who is set free?


In Love & Truth,


4 thoughts on “Can Truth Set You Free?

  1. In my experience the truth sets me free, dishonesty keeps me in bondage and being lied to places burdens on me. The King James Version of the bible states in John 8:32- and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Jesus is referring to the word of God (truth) and belief that He is the son of God (truth). I love the story at the beginning of John 8:1-11. There was a woman who was about to be stoned by a crowd of people for living an adulterous lifestyle. Those who wanted to stone her asked Jesus for his thoughts on this judgement. Jesus answers let the person without sin throw the first stone at the woman. Jesus takes a moment (bends down writing something in the sand) and when he stands back up the crowd had left. Jesus asks the woman did anyone condemed her? She answers, No one. Jesus then states “Then neither do I.” One of the best messages in the word. That truth should be non-judgmental and yes can make you free.


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