Disco & Distraction

I woke up feeling weighed down.  A lot was chained around my neck and the weight was beginning to leave its mark.  I needed to sustain my stamina through the day as much as I need to avoid surrendering to the bed that called my name (repeatedly).

I was trying to find some entertaining stocking stuffers when it was Christmas-time, but I came across this disco light that you can easily insert in a light fixture.  I had in on reserve.  You know those moments when you’re desperate for some parental peace and have run out of all activities and ideas to keep your three children occupied?

It was time.

I bribed the kids with enticing them to finish their dinner before the four of us would engage in a disco dance party.  Thankfully, it sparked their curiosity and it didn’t take long before their plates were empty.

I got them in their pajamas, set up Kidzbop, turned off the lights and off we went.  Benny was sitting in his bouncer and the three of us were waiting for a particular song to ignite the mood.  Before I knew it, we were all dancing, singing and joining in with one another.  Benny was laughing as I took turns throwing Isaiah and Autumn onto the couch.  We were amused by the variation of neon lights and the way in which it created shadows of our bodies.  All I heard was giggling.  Even Benny was vigorously bouncing in on the sidelines.


There was my invitation.


For that hour, I forgot about my reality.  I forgot about the pain, loss and turmoil I was wrestling with earlier that day.  Isaiah, Autumn and Benny invited me into a necessary distraction that was wrapped in disco lights and a rendition of the greatest hits compliment of Kidzbob.  I took it.


Before we knew it, we were all laying on our backs facing the flashing lights.  Isaiah was on my left and Autumn was on my left.  I put my hands to their heart.  They stood still.  For a second I felt energized and alive.

All because of a disco light a necessary distraction that I’m sure I’ll return to several more times in the upcoming weeks.

Oh and yes, that is my 3 year old daughter doing a full-on head stand.  God love her.

In Love & Truth,

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