February Honorees

When I thought about doing a blog, I knew it would be risky.  I knew I’d have to live with the integrity I intended to support, no matter how difficult or even terrifying.  I wasn’t certain about many things, but I was certain about one.  I wanted to dedicate a safe space to honor women who were resurrecting the truth behind their own falls and triumphs.   Connection lives in the humility we dare to share with others.  It’s where we breathe life.  It’s where I need and want to live, but I don’t want to live there alone.  No one does.

This month’s decision was unique in that right as I was setting out to honor someone under my Resurrected Together initiative, a movement was born.


I was flooded with a lot of emotions, but there was one that I experienced more intensely.


Millions of women stood resurrected together.  If they weren’t standing, they were praying, watching, listening, communicating, lobbying, advocating, parenting, surviving and most importantly refusing to lay down.  So I shifted my thinking a bit.  I decided that this month would be in dedication to each and every woman.  You, me and every one of you who are:

~Great-grandmothers, Grandmothers, mothers, wives, partners, sisters, daughters, nieces, God-daughters, neighbors, co-workers and friends.


~Survivors of abuse, assault/rape, domestic violence, harassment, bullying, body shaming, and/or hate crimes.


~Caretakers, stay at home parents, nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, advocates, human service professionals, social workers, therapists, police officers, first responders and/or single parents.


~Marginalized, oppressed, victims of misogyny, street-trafficking, sex crimes, political warfare and genocide.



~Women of color and/or the LGBT-Q community.


~Women fighting suicidal thoughts, mental illness, eating disorders and/or substance abuse.


~Victims of natural disaster, homelessness, grief & loss, refugees, immigrants and/or indigenous groups fighting for sovereignty.



~Women breaking through sectors of employment and glass ceilings for fair wages, equitable rights and opportunities.


~Women who are business owners and entrepreneurs.

~Living with AIDS/HIV.


~Unable to marry, make their own decision to carry children and/or dealing with infertility.

~Women in the foster care & adoption system and women who are fostering/adopting.


~Suffering loss of wages, employment, insurance, homes, children and independence.

To all of the women who stand resurrected to advocate, lobby, protest, march and ensure our voice is heard.  I honor you.  Each and every one of you.  No matter what your political view, your background, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, creed, sexuality or nationality, I see you.


I see you.
I value you.
I am proud of you.
I honor you.

Stay standing.

In Love & Truth,



3 thoughts on “February Honorees

  1. Grace,
    This honorarium was beautifully thought out and magnificently written. It is poetry that fills the reader with hope. Your mind and philosophy is a gift. Please share this with the leaders/organizers of the march. It will bless them. Thank you for this thoughtful, ponient, inspiring and very important work of love ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

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