Spring Clean-up

Could it be?  Is it possible?  Am I seeing things?  I could have sworn I breathed in fresh air, hear birds singing, witnessed geese heading back and even opened up all of our windows three days in a row.

Is Spring actually around the corner?  It was like being shed of everything that needed renewal for me the past few days.  It was, well, glorious.  You may have even caught me singing a few tunes to myself out of complete and utter bliss.

Anyone else clean-up when the weather gets nice?  You know?  Wash the windows, curtains, switch wardrobes, dust and get everything in order to welcome in the next season?  I do.  I make it a weekend retreat actually.  Truth be told, I love it.  All of it.  But you know what I also think about?  How getting rid of the old, cleaning up our mess and even organizing clutter applies to more than just our homes, garages, cars and closets.

It applies to everything that needs to be sorted out, laid to rest or let go.  I love the change of seasons and not just because the scenery, air and sounds change.  I love it because it’s a perfect time to think about the corners of our lives that need cleaning up.  Areas that need attention we have avoided and taking the necessary time to let go of what we need in order to create anew.

To Spring Cleaning!


In Love & Truth,

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