A Sister and “Her Baby.”

It’s a moment I will never forget.  It’s forever imprinted in my heart and mind.   I’m convinced it might be imprinted in their minds too.

I sat on the couch with Benny after being released from the hospital.  He was wrapped in my arms awaiting his brother and sister’s return home from Nana and Papa’s at the door.  No soon after the door opened, did Autumn rush to Benny in a soft, angelic, baby voice to say

“Hi baby.”



Nine months later, I know with absolute certainty that she had imprinted her brother.  She had proclaimed him as “hers,” and she still does.

She has always been so proud to be his big sister.  She cradles him in such an emotional way that not even I envisioned possible when I dreamt about giving her a younger sibling.  I catch her in their private moments with one another.  She gets him and he gets her.


Everything about him makes her happy.  I catch her caressing his hair, giggling with him and fighting her older brother to be his endearing space.  She watches out for him and makes sure he is content.



I expected jealousy and surely there are times when I am convinced she is grieving the role he took.  As of now, I am amazed at how much she selflessly offers him.  She starts off just about every morning kneeling down on the floor beside him and looks up to me to say,

“I love my baby brother.”


She does too.  She really does.  I hope that Benny grows up knowing just how much his big sister always did.  If not, I will undoubtedly remind him.  Or then again, maybe she will.  For now, I record precious moments I get to watch of a sister and “her baby.”


Seriously though?  Look at his face when she kisses him.  He knows.

In Love & Truth,

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