In Between

Anyone ever feel like you’re stuck in an “in between” stage?

I shared an experience I had a few months ago about the “Morning I Answered Back.”  It was a deeply personal and profound invitation I received from God.  Since then, everything…


Yet I couldn’t quite explain it.  I’m characterized as someone who solely expresses herself through communication and writing; yet I couldn’t explain anything to anyone inquiring.  It was uncomfortable even for me, but I recognize how uncomfortable it was for those around me.  I couldn’t explain a process that felt unfinished.  Not quite on its state of arrival, but in between.

Change was brewing and I was not in the center of controlling what that looked, felt or sounded like.  He was.  All I knew was that life was about to change for me and I had to trust that my bracing for it was really about trusting the unknown.

As a woman, wife and mother, there are times in life when everything is re-routed.  Maybe your children are entering school?  Maybe you’re about to re-enter the workforce?  Maybe you’re developing a new financial plan?   Even if it’s intentional, for the better or divinely orchestrated, it’s a bit scary.  I know I’m in this “in between” stage professionally, as a woman and even as a mother but I don’t know how to describe it anymore than I know which straw to grasp at.  I can just feel it brewing inside of me.

So I sit.

Uncomfortably.  Some days are better than others; while some moments are downright terrifying.

While there is a bit of excitement too, I am realizing that being in that transitional space has a purpose.  We can’t know where we’re going unless we know how to arrive at getting there.  I don’t know what the future holds in many facets of my life, but I am learning to sit with faith that in time those answers will reveal itself to me like I believe they do in all of us.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes from one of my beloved authors who gives an entire meaning and voice to “becoming unglued” because maybe becoming unglued is that “in between” stage to arrive at where we’re destined to be?

Unglued Quote

In Love & Truth,

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