All In A Glove & Cap

He was beaming with excitement for weeks.  Jumping actually.  In fact, I want to say he asked when it was going to start several times in one hour for a straight week.  He couldn’t wait to start


He talked about what sneakers would make him “extra fast,” the type of baseball glove he would need and started to turn our living room into a field with bases.  He smiled from ear to ear just imagining the friends he would meet, play with and what team he would play against.

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There were many invitations he gifted me with through the start of the season beginning with his inquiries.  I would be washing dishes and he would ask “You’re going to be there to see me play, right mom?”

“Yes honey, I wouldn’t miss it.”

He’d continue onto another audience.  He’d ask his father, then Autumn and even Benny to be sure that everyone was going to be there to see his first practice.  So we scrambled with a busy day of work, errands, preparation and dinner to get everyone in the car and head our way to his very first practice.

Beaming.  Staring out the window with his baseball glove in hand and his feet were kicking side to side in his car seat.  He was in a state of pure joy and I was invited along for the ride.  We made our way up to the field where he extended his hand to his coach before introducing himself.  A proud mommy moment, but not more than watching him run his way independently to his teammates.  I sat back and was hoping I could retire parenthood for a moment with my other two children.  I just wanted to watch him.  I didn’t want to miss a beat.

His coach had them sit in a circle to introduce everyone before informing them that each teammate would get their very own baseball cap.  Now I can tell you that we were about 20 feet from where they were sitting, but I could see his face as if it was on a projector screen aimed at my face.  He looked up at us with a full grin of excitement over that darn cap.

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That cap, I tell ya.  He couldn’t believe he’d have his very own cap with the initials of his school on it.  He was overjoyed and it made every penny worth it.  We continued to watch him learn how to throw, catch and even take his turn up to bat.  What I loved more than anything is taking inventory on the number of times he looked for me.  He wanted to know that I was watching.  He wanted to know that all of us were watching.  When I made eye contact it was as if no words had to be said.

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He was thankful and I was proud.

I had to leave early to head to another commitment and when I came home, I went into his room to kiss him.  I looked at him and all I could think about was my big boy playing T-ball.  Where did my baby boy go?



It’s in these precious moments I am reminded don’t last forever.  When he woke up the next morning and moseyed his way onto the couch, I scurried over to snuggle him.  He looked at me and the first thing I said to him was,

“You were so good yesterday!”

He smiled and then reminded me that he got his very own cap.  Yes, you did boo boo and you’re the cutest kid in it.

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In Love & Truth,

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