To Be Serious or Silly?

True talk?  Shhh….come closer.

There are moments in parenthood when I’d like to take two water guns and douse my three children in water out of sheer frustration.  Whether it is for the million times in a day I hear whining, I am interrupted to referee or have to answer the same question over and over (and over) again.  Don’t believe me?  We may or may not have actually set up the bubble guns, but truth be told, we caved.

We’re in trouble.

There are just those days that are absolutely void of fun, laughter and finding the “light” through the darker moments of parenthood.  Thankfully as many times as our children make us question fertility, they redeem themselves rather quickly.  There are days when I have to remind myself that I can’t be in control all of the time which I believe for most of us parents is a difficult reality to accept.  Sometimes we even have to lower our expectations.  There are mornings I set out with an entire agenda for what I envision to be a fun, productive and successful day, but then have to remind myself that agenda was without having considering that I’d have my 5, 3 and 1 year old in tow.

Sound familiar?  I sure hope so.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who fails miserably at having to re-evaluate my expectations in, well just about everything.

You want to know the blessings that are these three kids of mine?  Just before or no soon after I want to call a truce or hire the closest stranger off the street to get some respite, they do or say something to turn things around.  Suddenly, I’m recovered.

Graces Phone 256

Graces Phone 227Graces Phone 414Graces Phone 743

Graces Phone 746





Grace and Isaiah 1

Cape Cod 6

Slip n Slide 2IMG_5499

Graces Phone 258

Graces Phone 375

They remind me that life doesn’t have to be serious all of the time.  They invite me into their world where silliness, inhibitions and spontaneity not only have purpose but provide a necessary reminder to remember what really matters at the end of every day.


They’re not going to care how many loads of laundry mama did in a day, the meals she prepared a week ahead of time, the number of papers I graded or anything else I can easily fill my day with. These rug rats of mine are silly and they bring out the silliness in me too.  Sometimes they don’t even know how badly I needed to shift my energy, mood, outlet and focus to get out of my own skin.  Or do they?

Graces Phone 1234

For now, I cherish the moments I turned the towel in (literally) and jumped into their world to be present and accept their invitation to choose silly over serious.

Graces Phone 753

In Love & Truth,

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