All in a Rope’s Course

We recently took our children to an indoor ropes course as an afternoon of fun.  We’re running out of ideas to keep them occupied while Mother Nature decides it’s humorous to stay past her welcome.  I wasn’t quite sure what the kids would make of it.

Would they be scared?
Think it’s adventurous?
Empower one another?

As a mother, I am always watching.  I have to see their face.  That’s where the truth lies.  It’s beneath what others don’t see, so I search like an investigator of emotion I refuse to miscalculate.  So they went to get strapped in.  Neither said anything and their faces didn’t either.  When it was time to make their way up, Isaiah went first.

Graces Phone 638

Phew, that’s always a sure plan for success.  If he likes it, Autumn will surely follow.  Benny sat on the sidelines who I believe was just as eager to see which direction this was going to go as I was.

Graces Phone 666

Within minutes, I watched them steadily balance through the ropes course until I caught a glimpse of Autumn.

She is my fiercely independent fire-cracker who cowers in public, but roars when comfortable.  Like most parents, the second (and soon third) child doesn’t get nearly as many opportunities as we indulge our first.  Our eyes crossed and there she was.  I just stood paralyzed for a moment.  I wanted to capture it and it took everything I had to be present without whipping out my camera to capture the emotion she couldn’t contain.

Graces Phone 653


Graces Phone 663

There are those moments as parents when you can see your children in their domain.  As if it was meant for them.  Isaiah glided and slid back and forth, but Autumn’s grin was what carried her through each obstacle challenge.  I was proud.  I was a bit sad too.  She is growing up and in that moment I got to see that my little girl found something specifically for her.  She is ready to take challenges on and perhaps I’ve been holding her back in disbelief that she is in fact, growing up.

It was a fun day.  We went off to explore and had a family dinner.  We made memories that everyone talked about for days, but my invitation for that day came in the form of a 28lb toddler in straps, glaring at me to ensure I was watching


…and I did, but no more than that contagious smile that filled my heart and hers.

Graces Phone 648

In Love & Truth,

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