Persevere anyway…

The past 3 and a half months have been anything but predictable and it became apparent early on that God was paving a path and my faith was about to be tested.  In that time, I had to dive head first into multiple arenas one of which included my new position as an Instructor and Supervisor of the Human Services program at Herkimer College.

I was asked to be featured on the site and college magazine to talk about my experience and belief in the Human Services program during a time when my self-worth and perseverance was being stretched, pulled and challenged.  To me folks, this was the redeeming oxygen mask during a time when most didn’t know my head was below water.

So here is it.  Yup, I’m proud and you know why?  There are times when life knocks us down in the most unpredictable and unimaginable ways.  Our character, tenacity, integrity and strength is tested in inexplicable ways.  For me this story is both personal as much as it is professional.  Even if it can inspire other people to remember that when life is changing it’s direction and seeks to take you off course from who you are…

Persevere anyway.

In Love & Truth,

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