Harvest Forgiveness

Saying you’re sorry is a slice in the combative ego we stand up against in our failure.  It fights to keep us imprisoned to righteousness.  Forgiveness opens a window of potential rejection and humility keeps us from opening it.  The air can become stifling when you’re not received in the vulnerable place people prefer to imprison themselves to.

Planting seeds of love and acceptance isn’t always received with the intent we hope will glimmer light in the dark spaces of our heart, but God reminds us that is where He lives.  Harvesting forgiveness even when our offering isn’t deserving anymore than it is accepted is about courage when we take the risk without seeing our seeds flourish. What remains is the opportunity to break open the shackles of fault-finding, blame and deflecting from what is true in all of us which is that we’re all imperfect and deeply flawed.

Image result for images of seeds planted

So continue to plant rows of seeds for amends.  Not just for them, but for you.  One seed of love, humility, vulnerability and acceptance can harvest forgiveness even if you’re not there to see it grow.  In time and with the proper nurturing and attention, your harvest will produce what it’s meant to and just remember that the harvest is a gift not just for them, but even more so

for you.

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In Love & Courage

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