Such is life, right?

Out of order.
Out of place.
Nonsensical belonging.
Outcasted or to some even, an eye stye because it’s anything but…

What you’d expect.
Think is right.
Dare I say “the norm?”
Authentic (ouch).

My children offered an invitation today but like usual, they didn’t know it anymore than they knew its timing.  It has been what is referred to as “Spirit Week” in our house (a.k.a. add.more.stress.of.what.to.remember.for.parents.week.).

On this particular morning it was “mismatch” day.  Wear everything all out of order, out of place and their ticket to break out of the societal “norm.” Except it was on a morning where I had an emotional dam to break later in the afternoon that was occupying every fiber of my being and I just wasn’t, hmm, should I say in the “mood?”

But there she was.  She dove head first (with some coaxing of course).  When she was done, Autumn looked at me as I broke into the “ugly” uncontrollable cry of laughter.


“What mom?”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

That was it.  My invitation.  I found laughter in everything that wasn’t “in its proper place.”  She detested me for having her relish in the experience of what they call “Spirit Week” and I was in the midst of anything but spiritual.  Yet, I found laughter.  I found a moment of relief and even meaning in the midst of what can feel like everything, even they’re outfits is out of control.  Nothing is in its proper place; yet everything is exactly as it should be and guess what?


Some of the best changes, moments and growth sprout from what isn’t in what we may feel needs to be in its proper place.  So today, it was a mis-matched hair-do, sneakers and skeleton bones too boot.  But you know what?  I needed that invitation and as usual, they found a way to deliver it to me in its exact moment, purpose and formation.

To all the misfits out there.

Defy.  Push back and revolt.  No one and nothing was made to be perfectly in place.  Where would finding the positivity be in any of that anyway?  Thank you my three beloveds.

In Love & Courage,


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