You were my very first visionary cupid.


And one damn cute one at that!


You grew up, but my vision for creating tradition didn’t budge.


Because you shot an arrow right into your sister’s heart.  Oh and she still looks up at you like that.


The sessions weren’t smooth and I can say caused a lot of tense marital stress capturing them, but…


one more had to join the bunch and carry the arrow.


Yet in typical eldest sibling rivalry, your brother wasn’t giving it up willingly.


Still my vision carried into three years.

Three independent hearts that breathe air into mine.


I captured you and imagine you just years from now.  It takes my breath away because  whoever captures the love of your heart, I hope I helped to groom it into confidence, selectivity and genuine love first.


I captured my one and only girl who sneaked up to her vanity table to put red lip gloss on and within minutes of receiving the flowers, emerged into this young woman I painfully imagined before time will allow me to make wages for more.


Then there was you.  Just as my prayer always proclaimed…

“My dream wasn’t complete without you in it.”

Our muse, my joy and the one who steals our hearts without having to be anything but who you innately are.


She still looks up at you like that despite your lack of appreciative smirk.


You two bicker as much as you defend one another and call upon one another to “play.”


Love is captured, defined, experienced and felt differently this year; yet ironically it’s more full, purposeful and raw in all of the intended ways.  You three are the best acts of love there are and will forever remain.

In Love & Courage,

Your devotional, pathetically unapologetic sensitive mama who is FULL because of your love each and every day.


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