Meet Grace

Hi!  Thank you for spending what I recognize is precious, limited and likely borrowed time to connect with me.  How does anyone answer who they are in a couple of sentences?  You will come to find out that it’s impossible for me to wrap up anything in a couple of sentences.  I can begin by confidently saying that I believe I am like many of you who are continuing on a journey towards figuring out all of who we are.

What I am most proud of is being the mother to three extraordinary children with one angel in heaven.  Before becoming a mother, I spent many years building a career in human services.  After finding out I was pregnant with my son, I made the terrifying decision to leave the familiarity of my career to being at home full-time.  It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I gave myself permission to reacquaint myself to the woman that existed before motherhood did.  I took an opportunity as a part-time college Instructor that after six years of being a stay at home mother, I accepted a full-time position.  I am currently merging the world of motherhood and teaching, even if chaotically and imperfectly at times.  Okay, most of the time!

Is there such a thing as spare time?  There are those rare moments when I dream about the days of dancing, singing, horseback riding, finishing a full book, entertaining and adventuring outdoors to travel again.  For now, I am reuniting with that sacred outlet of writing with you.

I don’t know where this part of my journey will take me.  I have been a witness to the silent suffering of so many people who are in need of more supportive forums where imperfections are accepted and honored.  Silent shame and suffering is what so many of us relate to, but don’t talk about in our mothering and parenting.  It’s the very thing that connects us; yet we remain so disconnected while retreating to silent prisons of fear.  I hope that by sharing my own falls and triumphs, it will ignite necessary conversation about the stigmatizing shame of living honestly.  I want us to support one another by resurrecting the truth in what it really feels like to live loudly.  Thank you for sharing your sacred space and time with me.

In Love & Truth,


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