Motherhood is many things.  What I have come to realize is that there are a select few of us who are willing to entertain what is real about it.  It’s the most extraordinary role any woman could ever have.  I’m convinced of it.  However, what I have realized is that there is as much room to talk about the falls as there is the need to talk about the triumphs.  When those falls happen, many people suffer in silence.  We don’t always see when it’s happening either.  It’s easily masked in what many equate to daily stress, lack of sleep, overwhelming responsibilities and let’s not forget, the challenging feat of raising children.

Who are Resurrected Mothers?

These are extraordinary women who fight against the silent fears of stigma, judgment and rejection.   They are women who work hard, sacrifice for others and work hard to persevere when experiencing struggle.  They are bravely speaking and living their truth so that the rest of us can seek solace in the private moments we feel exiled.  These are people you may exchange a smile with, talk to or pass by without even knowing what lies beneath what you see.  They may feel like they’re unraveling from the inside out, but they’re still fighting to stand resurrected.

When I have the honor and opportunity to meet other mothers who are fighting, I am empowered.  We exchange a source of strength and ignite hope that we’re not alone and unworthy.  Where imperfections are accepted and we’re lovable despite them.  I don’t believe suffering is solitary just as I am learning that it’s meant to be shared.

This is where I want to honor women who are resurrecting their own truth and living loudly.  They are my inspiration and I believe they can be yours too.  If you or someone you know is fighting to resurrect their own truth, let’s stand together.  I want you to be seen, heard and reassured that your struggle is valued.  This is a space dedicated to honor women every month to help ignite their fight to stay standing, descend from the shame and prove that we can mother honestly when we stand Resurrected Together.

If you would like to share your story or honor someone, I want to hear from you! Please submit your entries by clicking on “Connect” on the Home Page.  You can submit your entry by email or mail at the information provided.  All entries will be kept confidential.  Honorees will be notified to confirm receipt of entry and receive authorization to share their story.

In love & truth,


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